The machine has GelatoSoft patented components to achieve these creations at a restaurant at Three Forks. Open your ice cream franchise!

You can find us at Gelateria Ciro&Pio di Jesi

the reason for this site

I began my career in the world of ice cream in 1991 and in 1995 I opened my first point of sale Gelato Soft.

I have seen many of my colleagues to give up their activities because of the many problems encountered in this work. Instruction manuals supplied with the machines for the production of soft ice cream does not take into account, in fact, of the many difficulties which we encounter in our everyday work.

If you want to ensure a healthy product from the point of view of health, tasty, always fresh and with a minimum of waste with regard to raw materials, you have to know your machine and overcome the technical deficiencies

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