The machine has GelatoSoft patented components to achieve these creations at a restaurant at Three Forks. Open your ice cream franchise!

You can find us at Gelateria Ciro&Pio di Jesi

GelatoSoft point of sale

Want to open a store GelatoSoft?

Here is the recipe to follow:

  • choose the local (at least 35sqm)
  • GelatoSoft n.1 machine with two cylinders to make two flavors: yogurt and mozzarella
  • n.2 600-liter refrigerators to keep cream and derivatives
  • n.1 whipping Mini Vip
  • n.1 counter equipped with containers for chocolate and sprinkles and sauces
  • n.1 small warehouse with shelving under
  • n.1 refrigerated case for fruit
  • gadgets to treat marketing

tot. € 40.000 Turnkey!!

On-site training course!

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