The machine has GelatoSoft patented components to achieve these creations at a restaurant at Three Forks. Open your ice cream franchise!

You can find us at Gelateria Ciro&Pio di Jesi

Alberto Olivieri

"Hi, my name is Alberto Olivieri.

I started a little 'to play in 1991 at 20 years working as an apprentice in the ice cream shop Ciro & Pio.

With the passage of time my job has turned into a passion and, in 1995, I became responsible for the first puno Soft sales site in Jesi.

Seeing that the idea worked in 1998 I opened a second store as proprietor, in Ancona.

Working day after day with the Soft Machine, I realized that I was offering more product at a level of professionalism from me craft reached.

In 2001, after analyzing each component, I decided to modify the machine, creating one of my patent (MC 2004 U 000001), which allows me to get an ice cream at any time of day."


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